When I publish my library via Jenkins Build Pipeline, it will pusblish it correctly, but the activities of the library are missing


I have created a build pipeline with GIT + Jenkins that works perfectly for processes.
For libraries it will publish it correctly and also as Library.

In Studio I can find the library and install it just fine.
But after it’s installed, the activities provided by the library aren’t there.

If I publish the library manually it will work, but not with the pipeline.

Here is how the pipeline looks like:

// default pipeline to build and publish RPA/UIPath projects

def call(String MAJOR, String MINOR) {

    echo 'Init Jenkins'
    pipeline {
        agent {
            label "uipath"

        environment {
            BUILD_NUM_ENV = currentBuild.getNumber()
            UIP_URL = 'https://cloud.uipath.com'
            BRANCH_NAME = "${GIT_BRANCH.split("/").size() > 1 ? GIT_BRANCH.split("/")[1] : GIT_BRANCH}"

        options {
                buildDiscarder(logRotator(daysToKeepStr: '5', numToKeepStr: '5', artifactNumToKeepStr: '1'))

        stages {
            stage ('Pre Build') {
                steps {
                    catchError {
                        bat label: '', script: 'rmdir /Q /S Output'
            stage ('Build') {
                steps {
                        outputPath: 'Output',
                        projectJsonPath: 'project.json',
                        version: CustomVersion("${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${BUILD_NUM_ENV}"),
                        traceLevel: 'Verbose',
            stage ('Post Build') {
                steps {
                    script {
                        if ("main" == "${BRANCH_NAME}"){
                            TENANT = 'anonym'
                        } else {
                            TENANT = 'anonym_dev'

                    echo "${UIP_URL}"
                    echo "${TENANT}"

                        createProcess: false, 
                        credentials: ExternalApp(anonym), 
                        entryPointPaths: 'Main.xaml', 
                        environments: '', 
                        folderName: 'Packages', 
                        orchestratorAddress: "${UIP_URL}", 
                        orchestratorTenant: "${TENANT}", 
                        packagePath: 'Output', 
                        traceLevel: 'Verbose'


Why is it behaving like that? I need the pipeline since we have several tenants and the library has to be available on all of them with the exact same version(s).

Please help