When I am using scrapping method - Selector Issue

When I am using the it does not go through all the pages but a few. I have a page with 262 pages, and It only goes through 56 pages. What could be wrong here?

Maybe that problem is because the limit of rows etracted in the Wizard try to modified that feature

Hi, I dont have limit for the rows. I chose 0, so I dont have limits. It is weird because sometimes it jumps just completing a few pages.

Try to:

  • set a delay after each ‘Next Page’ or arrow or whatever is it button pressed (maybe the page is loading a little too slow)
  • set an Anchor Base activity with a stable and near ‘Next’ button Anchor

Hi @rubenadony ,

If this is happening every time then check the selector of next button in ui explorer for that page and for the age it is working.

Sometimes next button selector get changed when bot do next page.

Try if this works for you.