When I am trying to “indicate target on screen” the app is freezing

Hello everyone,

Maybe someone else had this problem and can give me a feedback.
When I am trying to “indicate target on screen” the app is freezing, then it starts working and it takes a lot of time to select any item. And that if it’s working from the first attempt, usually not.

I don’t think is about the laptop, is quite good. But I have the impression that I am working with an antic laptop.


Is it when you want to indicate the app in the Use App/Browser, or an element inside it?

What app/site is it happening on?

The problem occur when I am trying to indicate the target and anchor, when I have to set the green and blue frame.

I am using Chrome

To clarify the behavior you are seeing, when you are in the state shown in the picture. If you hover over something that should be an anchor (e…g the “What is your name” label) does it highlight with a blue box around it?

Even for target and anchor. Basically when I am hovering over anything the program is freezing, then it came back, then freeze again, is not smooth at all. I have to repeat a few times this step in order to have the target and the anchor in place.
Also, it seams that the program does not recognize anything automatically for setting the target and anchor. Every time I had to use F3 and but the test in that “red square”

Could you pls post a screenshot of the Use App/Browser?

Do you have the chrome extension installed?

try to use internet explorer to eliminate the driver problem. the freezing might be because the framework is trying hard to identify the target and anchors.
try to use IE and make sure you are using latest studiox updates.

I think I found the problem.
Apparently even the extension for Chrome is there, I have to give access UiPath Web Automation for each web page

After allowing access then it will display a different message “Has access on this website”

Now everything is moving smoother :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your help!