When error occure go to desired stage

hello sometimes i occure an error. in this case, i want to jump to desired stage and program will contunie. how can i do this


Use try catch in your Workflow

what should i do to use it

Hi @Emre_Kaya

Try Catch:
    // Activities that might cause an error
    // Handle the error and jump to a desired stage
    // For example:
    Log Message: "An error occurred. Jumping to desired stage."
    Go to Label: DesiredStage
  End Try

Hope it helps!!


What do mean desired stage what operations you done in desired stage

there is one stage that might error. i want to jump to another stage but the problem is there are some stages between error stage and desired stage. what should i do. hwo can i jump to desired stage without error stage and the other stages until desired stage.

the red stage is the error stage and i want to jump to pinned stage

Put the activity that might range error in try catch
If the error occurs in the workflow it comes to the catch block after handeling the error put the “Click 'ARA ANA MENU” in the catch block.

which one should i choose to add ARA ANA MENU


Give System.Exception