When doing document understanding getting below Error

Hi Team,

When trying to do document understanding getting below error:
Data Extraction Scope: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
Stulz - gmbh dec 2020 invoice-2-3.pdf (605.1 KB)
PFA invoice for reference.
How can we extract line items from there!
@loginerror @Lahiru.Fernando @AndersJensen

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Hello @devashish1989,

I think this happens when the document is not classified, check the classification results before going to extract.


Is this the correct way to put keywords

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Yes, debug and check in the classification result in locals panel.

Thanks @Pradeep_Shiv: got the issue … it was with keywords
Is there a way to customize the table ouput for the attached invoice as table extracted is missing certain things

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Yes you can do it using Form Extractor!


Is there a way to extract table between 2 keywords?

Not able to extract the table

Yes…you have to try Regex based extractor using boundry methods…

Check this Video

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