When debugging a sub process, it starts on Main instead of only the subprocess


License type(Free)

Studio/Robot version: 2019.8.0

I am trying to debug a sub-process; but when running the debug it brings Main up and starts from the beginning. I just need to debug that sub-process as I am getting an error and I do not want the entire process to run.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi @mesalcan,

You have the following options. The one you’re looking for is Start File. As well you can do this by pressing F6


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I was looking for the debug button that was there before; but this did the magic.


You can do it by advice from @rmunro

I would like tell you for another way.
Incase you created Main and sub-process with difference .xaml file,
then you can set your sub-process to Main main workflow
by click at Project tab
Right click at sub-process .xaml file and click Set as Main

I hope it will be useful to you

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