When datascrapping is not working

Hi trying to automate a food website where bot has to place the order for minimal cost item in the website.
but data scraping is not working, please help me.

thanks in advance

Is it possible that you post the url and some more requirement details on what you want to extract. Thanks


this is the url where you can see the list of items under the restaurant. in need to get which item has low cost and add the item to the cart.

Hi, use Computer Vision package.

CV Screen Scope
CV Get Text
Maybe after that you must use RegEx to take the data as you need it.

Also you must log in into orchestrator to get your ApiKey so you can use Computer Vision

Its not taking the API key…

Are you sure you copy the correct apikey from orchestrator, because there is 3 different api keys?
Also do you have multiple accounts for orchestrator?
Do you connect orchestrator to your computer and uipath studio?
They must be connected each other so the apikey would work!

How it’s going?

I used Find children method. its working fine

It would be great to share the solution here with screenshots or just explained it.
If you see my post, when I found my own solution - I post the solution.
Because tomorrow maybe someone will be with task like this and you will help him.
But this is only a proposal to you.
I believe this is good practice for all people here.

Yes i do post the solutions.
steps in the code:
Used find children from which extracted the outer text of the item list.
Using regex found the min price item
Added the group matches to collection and found the index value of min price item
passed the dynamic variable to idx so that can be clicked on “add item”.

Just go through the code. let me know for queriesOrderPlacementV2.zip (46.8 KB)

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