When Creating process and try to run the JOB then i am not able to see Robot. PFA SS

Hi All

When i create Processes i selected correct Environment and when i try to run the processes via Job then i am not able to see any Robot. Request you to please help me for the same.

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Hi @vijaybrijmohan14,

Please find the solution.

Omkar P

@Reddy_Paluri, Thanks helping, even you are facing the same issue??

No I changed robot to unattended.issue has been resolved

Hi @Reddy_Paluri,

I am using community addition and when i try to change robot type to unattended then i am getting “No available licenses: the number of new machine slots would exceed the total license count. (#1916)”

Hi @vijaybrijmohan14,

I am also using community edition.As per licence only one unattended we can create.I think you already used one unattended robot.then you will get this message.

Omkar P

Hi @vijaybrijmohan14
I have seen your Robot Type is : Studio
change your Robot Type in to : Unattended

then will work

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

when i try to update from Studio to Unattended and click on Updated i am getting below error

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Hi @vijaybrijmohan14,

Delete current robot and environment.Create again from all steps and type should be unattended.

@Community edition only one unattended license limit

Omkar P

@Reddy_Paluri and @Maneesha_de_silva

Thank you so much for your time and efforts :slight_smile:

I resolved the issue by doing below things.

  1. in UiPath Service i click on Edit licence and added 1 Unattended licence. and click on apply

then it started working:)


Its by default , you have given 1 attended bot and its comes as available state , not add in to province ,
If you need it then you can have added into your tenant.
:+1: :innocent:

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