When can I say, I am "UIPath Certified"?

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Once I have completed UIPath “Foundation” Training and I get a Diploma certificate, can I say I am “UIPath Certified”? Or is it I need to complete Orchestrator and Advanced training as well? Kindly clarify.

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In my mind, once you pass the Advanced Developer Certification, you would be ‘UiPath Certified’. This is free until March 31st if you’re interested. I would highly recommend while this is still free.


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I would suggest , if you just complete the advanced deploma is not enough, before starting that go through the other certificates which are more important to understand how UiPath works and awareness about the tool.

And as said by @bradsterling , please complete the advanced deploma certificate before 31st of march which is free till then and after that it will cost around 800 $ to clear the exam.

Pavan H

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If you are going by definition only , than you can call yourself UIPath certified , if you have done certification in UIPath .But I will suggest you to complete at least orchestrator certification as it is integral part of automation. Rest if you are interested in learning , practicing and exploring UIPath , you should complete advance certification also. If you feel any problem or issues , raise it here in forum , you will get solution here for sure at earliest .!!!


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