When bot performs best?

Hi ,
if i copy and paste the whole program to the client pc and running the Bot from the Studio or uploading the package the Orchestrator and running from it

what is the fastest way .

Hello @Tharusha.fernando ,

The response is : It depends is is attended or unattended.

  1. If is attended, you have few options:
  • Copy the project folder from you machine to another one.
  • publish the package locally and move the nugget package to the other machine, and after you install it it will appear in UiPath assistant.

If is unattended:

  • You have option to use orchestrator. Which is the best option since you can schedule at specific hours and many more features.

In summary, if is attended, run it from UiPath assistant, and if is unattended, use orchestrator.

Just my opinion. I hope I didn’t misunderstood the question.


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Thank you @wasea