When am try to publish the package its shooing error

Hello family,
please help me with this
when am trying to publish at that time it’s showing some error, please help me if i publish the write line activity is not work so

@Vajrang, please help me

if you have created a background process and if you are trying to publish then,

We should not have ui activities like, Click and other ui interactivie elements, remove them and try publishing them again

i use form activity create and wait form activity and the robot is running fine but the thing is after mail sent its not write in the excel i refer your YouTube for doing this. please help me

why don’t you try writing in excel first and then send email, check If that helps

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no if i use before only its wont send mail because i use if status is sent its right it wont send the data for that

I understand, I just want to check if its able to write in the excel, why don’t you uncheck open excel in excel scope and also you can try workbook activities to avoid ui activities from your flow

Which one i try that one workbook activity its not work