When Accessing Insights "Could not connect to server (#101)" error is thrown

How to resolve when accessing Insights, a 'Could not connect to server (#101)' error is thrown. An error has occurred #101?

Issue Description: When accessing Insights, a 'Could not connect to server (#101)' error is thrown.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Try navigating to https://InsightsURL/app/account/login
    • If navigating shows a certificate error (Usually it will say 'Not Secure') then this is the issue. Go to the section 'Adding Certificate Trust'
    • If this is encountered, it most likely means a Self-Signed certificate was used for the installation. Consider requesting a domain certificate from your admin to use with Insights. 
    • A Self-Signed certificate will always need to be manually trusted by end users, whereas a domain certificate should automatically be trusted.
  2. If the certificate is trusted, it could be a CORS issue. See the Usability Errors list (see the note about the 101 error).
    • If the Insights server and Orchestrator share the same base domain, this should not be an issue.
    • Open a private browser
    • Go to https://<Insights URL>/app/account/login
    • Login and then go to https://<Insights URL>/app/settings/#/system
    • Go to the section 'Security'
    • For 'Support Cross Site Cookies for Embedding' change the value to 'None'
  3. If none of the issue above seem relevant, try the following:
    • If possible, do an IISReset on Orchestrator. After an install, this issue can occur do to CSP policies. A restart of Orchestrator can resolve this.
    • In the browser, go to the Orchestrator URL
    • Open the debug console (for most browser it will be ctrl+shift+i
    • Go to the console section of the debugger
    • Try navigating to Insights from within Orchestrator. 
      • There should be an error in the console that contains the reason for the block occurring.
      • The error will almost always contain a URL that looks like: https://InsightsURL/jwt?jwt=<some token>
      • Capture this error and send it to UiPath Support.

Adding Certificate Trust
  1. In the browser, click the “Not Secure” text. The location may vary depending on your browser, but all browsers give an option for viewing the certificate. The option is always in the URL navigation window. Look for “Not Secure” or “Certificate error” and click the text.
  2.  After clicking the text, there will be an option for viewing the certificate.
  3. In the Certificate Window, go to the Details tab and select “Copy to File…”
  4. Save the file to your desktop.
  5. Open the certificate that was saved to your desktop by double clicking it.
  6. In the windows that opens, select “Install Certificate…”
  7. Choose “Local Machine”
  8. Select “Place all certificates in the following store” and then click Browse…
  9. Choose “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”
  10. Click OK and then click next and install the certificate.