When a job is killed by its trigger setup max duration, have the cause explicitely written in the "Info" field of "Details"

Eg here this job was stopped by its trigger setup max duration, but this is not visible in “Info” that is empty, so we wonder what happened:

Job Details

  • Process: RPA90013_OTC002_Dispatcher
  • Process Version: 1.0.1
  • Environment:
  • Robot: rpa90013@leoni.com-unattended
  • Account: rpa90013@leoni.com
  • Machine name: WSHV1024
    *** Info:**
  • Start Time: 01/03/2023 2:50:01 PM
  • End Time: 01/03/2023 2:50:01 PM
  • Input Values: null

Output Values: null

  • Has Recording: false