Whatsapp integration & Buttons with isTrusted property of event



Even if we have an integration with Twilio some customers are looking for a Whatsapp integration.
Currently Whatsapp didn’t expose an API, only ClickToChat functionality which cannot be used by our robots.
The “Send” button detects if it is clicked by a robot or a person.

Test: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=40727626222&text=test


Would be helpful if we will have the following activities:
-Send Whatsapp message
-Create Whatsapp Group
-Add Person into grop
-Remove person from Group
-Get Whatsapp messages.


This should be a community driven activity. Moved to Feed Ideas


i tried making a bot on web whatsapp where if you send “Hi” bot replies “Hi” and its doing that but when i use conditions if any message other than “Hi” comes bot should reply something else, its not doing that,

would be great if you could help!!!