Whatsapp automation

Hey all,
I’m automating whatsapp application for windows but selectors are not validating so please anyone has any trick for that.

Hi @Shobhit_sachan

If the native application doesn’t reveal the selectors, you might get more luck with the web one.

Thanks for the reply but task is to automate application any idea about that?

You could try to follow advise from this post:

Hi @Shobhit_sachan,

If nothing works out then you can automate https://web.whatsapp.com/. It works very well and you won’t face any selector issue.

Hi @palindrome
I have to automate whatsapp app for windows. I’ve already did web automation.

Could you share please ? I am working on someThing like your project.

sorry @Mrt_C I was unable to to automate that, because it is not allowing to make selectors.

is anyone done the automation on reading the new whatsapp (whatsapp web) message?
please share the file.

I have recently tried to automate Whatsapp application (windows),earlier workflow which was created months back was working smooth. but the one i am working now, its not able to validate any selector present in the application, CV activities have the same issue… scope cannot be defined with a valid selector tried multiple combinations in UI explorer as well