What's the type of the body of a mail?

I’m trying to use a existing mail as a template as the following:

  1. Use get oulook mail messages to read the existing mail
  2. In for each activity, assign the value of mail.Body to a variable named mailTemplate with the type of mail body

but I’m not sure what type is it for mail body? MailKit.BodyPart or MailKit.BodyPartMessage?


hi @ww2ivy

Use For each item in mailmessage

use item.body.ToString

Ashwin S

For this
The output from get outlook mail activity will be of type


When we pass the above variable to for each loop then we need to change the type argument property of for each activity as System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

And inside the loop to save the item.Body where item is the variable from for each activity
Then we need to create a simple String type of variable to store the mailbody content

Hope this would help you
Cheers @ww2ivy