What's the craziest automation you've undertaken?

Recently by wife needed to undertake a series of steps for her job. She had to manipulate some files in Adobe Suite, merge files and then email them out.
Perfect for UiPath!
Except… my wife is on a Mac.
Undeterred, we installed the Adobe suite on my bot machine, only to find that she has tonnes of fonts and configurations on the Mac that didn’t come across, which would have meant more rework.
The solution?
We ended up opening a Zoom meeting between my machine and hers. Then my wife manually shared screen on the Mac and allowed my machine to remote control her Mac via the zoom interface. We then created the process in the same way as you would with a citrix terminal - but via a zoom window instead.
Then we enjoyed an evening watching TV and drinking wine, while the two computers sat in the office doing their thing over Zoom :grinning:
It got me wondering - what’s the craziest automation solution that you’ve come up with?

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Hey @JohnMac,

In one project I used Anydesk to automate an application from a smartphone.

The robot connected from a server from another country via Anydesk on a smartphone in another country. It login to the applications and entered data in 28 fields on multiple screens of the application. Mostly using Image activities + Send HotKey + screen scraping …

Was fun when people forgot to charge the smartphone :slight_smile: .

The process was updated when developers made available an API, but for two months was like that, via Anydesk.

NOTE: The UiPath Mobile package was not available at that moment.



Love this! I can imagine your frustration after spending ages getting the automation to work, only for someone to forget to plug the phone in :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: