Whats Next?

Hello Guys,

Im new in RPA.
I started with RPA Starter Training, and then i tried RPA Developer Foundation, but i think this lessons were too hard .

Is there any other lessons i can do to learn more before the “Developer Foundation”?
Is there any topic with suggested ladder of lessons to take?

Thank you very much for your help,
Kind Regards,

You could start with the studioX training.
What role do you see yourself doing in RPA? That would make it easier for the path to choose

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after completion of all you have to take certification exam

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Hi @Armando_Joao

You can start with the RPA awareness sessions in the academy. next, do the following courses to go up the ladder…

Level 1 foundation training 2018.3
Level 2 - Orchestrator Training
Level 3 - Advanced training

After level 3, could can start on the certification exam to get certified

The foundation training you just did, is actually a combination of all three levels… which is much more easier though… but this is not hard… Just take some extra time and go slow…

If there is anything that you don’t understand, you can ask here in the forum and everyone will support you for sure…


Hello guys,

I didnt finished RPA Developer Foundation. I just started it, and thought it was a bit hard for me yet. Then i give up of that course (for a while, while I train a bit more easier stuff) and asked u for something a little more for my beginner level.

I would like to be RPA Developer.