What's meaning of "connection" folder permission in Automation Cloud Orchestrator?


I’ve found folder permission named “connection” in Automation Cloud Orchestrator manual (Default roles).
For example, Default Robot role has view permission of “connection”. But There is no functional description of this permission.

I tried to make a role which just has this permission, I checked system behavior, but I could not find any difference.

Does anyone know this permission’s function?



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Hey @awabi

It should be related to integration service !


Thanks response quickly!

but I wanna know what kind of integration service you said.
Could you tell me more specific? Do you know relation infomation site of it?


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Hey @awabi

Hope this helps.


Very thanks you for your information!!

But I made a role which does not have “connection” permission,
after mapping this role to my account, I try to use connection menu of Integration Service, I can still list up my “connection” like a connector to Google Spread Sheet…
It looks that “connection permission” does not control “connection menu” of Integration Service.

Plus , “connection” permission is an one of Folder permissions. So It should have relation with Orchestrator Folder function…

Thanks for your Info, But it should not be “connection” I want to know.

Does anyone have any idea?