What would be your preferred way of manipulating data?

My go to option will be always Data Table.

But just curious to know if am I thinking in a right way.

  • Handling in Excel
  • Handling in Data Table

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Kindly drop your vote & Explain the reason of your choice in the below comments please.

Hi @Nithinkrishna

My options is to go with Data Table.

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I prefer DataTables as well!

Its easier to work with since there are a wide range of methods and libraries which enable us to perform complex data manipulation that you couldn’t with the Excel Activities.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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I will prefer Excel (with connection string) when working with large data
using this we can execute SQL commands easily and execution time is much less as well as code will be of only 3 activity(database connect , query , disconnect).
Whereas doing the same in database will require many complicated linq queries which virtually in backend comes out to be a very big loop and execution time increases.
Yes there are advantages of datatable also , like simple 1 dimension looping(not nested loop) , filtering , datacolumn expressions .Working with datatable is like doing fine-tuning of the data, and working with excel would be to get largely complicated compute-intensive part of the work done faster

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I feel Datatable is more convenient and efficient approach rather going with excel

Yes I admit we still have macros for excel

But I prefer going with Datatables for majority scenarios

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