What will be the impact if I use UiPath in SAP by with Low connection speed

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I m currently working in SAP 750 with Low Connection speed configuration and now we are migrating to SAP 760
As there is a migration in sap version we are planning to have a low connection speed in new 760 version as well to avoid changes in SAP selectors

But I could see UiPath suggests to use High speed connection in SAP

So will it be fine to use low connection speed or it is mandatory or highly recommended to use high connection speed

I would like to know especially the difference in using UiPath with SAP low and high connection speed

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Hello @Palaniyappan,

it is necessary to set the network settings to high speed connection. If it is set to low speed connection the names of the SAP GUI Scripting objects are not transmitted and therefore IDs don’t work. With low speed connection you loose in some cases information of the ID, here an example. At first recorded code with high speed LAN connection:

session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/chkRSEUR-WITH_TOP").selected = false
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/txtRSEUR-TDPROGRAM").text = "Z_TEST"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/txtRSEUR-TDPROGRAM").caretPosition = 6
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/cmbTRDIR-RSTAT").key = "T"

Here now the same code with low speed LAN connection:

session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/chk").selected = false
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/txt").text = "Z_TEST"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/txt").caretPosition = 6
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/cmb[1]").key = "T"

Here the explanation from SAP note 161053:
When activating the “Low Speed Connection”, the dataset sent to the front end is reduced at the
expense of the usability. In addition, if you use the “Low Speed Connection” flag, problems can
occur in SAP GUI Scripting, since the field names are no longer available in full. Specifically, this
results in problems with the use of the command FindById, but also with other commands.

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