What us the purpose of 'reset transaction" in edit queue item?

Hello guys,

I am wondering what is the “reset transaction” mean 'cause I can’t use it when for items with the status “in progress”, “succesfful”, “failed”… only for “'new item”

So what is this feature do?



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You can check this documentation page: Editing Transactions

Editing transactions has constraints. Not all transactions are editable.

Hey can you give me one scenario where i can use this, i also want to know what is the use of this option?

If i am creating new transaction and i have marked the option as reset trx progress then what exactly bot will do with that transaction.

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Hey @Elya @ermanoj3101

We have two things when we use transaction items

  1. Status
  2. Progress

Status is something we set at the start and end of processing.

  • New
  • Successful
  • Failed

We have few more which just show us either the starting or ending result.

Progress is applicable only for in-progress items. From the name it is even telling the same.

Let’s assume you have a very complex process where you will be having n number of steps and also to interact with many applications.

Now once you start a tx item for the above process, it will go to in-progress state.

But you can just set the progress for the same at every logical step to keep track of it. So at this point the transaction status will be in-progress and the progress will be ‘Login done’ something like that.

We have Set Tx Progress activity for the same.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the explanation now I get this.
I will try this in studio.

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Hello @Nithinkrishna,

Ty for your explanation. I already use “Set transaction Progress” to monitore step by step the process. What i don’t undersant is that I cannot reset the progress for transaction item in “in-progress” statut by using “Reset transaction progress” from Edit. Also I cannot set a progress status for queue who isn"t in “in-progress status”.

So what is the use of “Reset transaction progress” if I can use it only for “New” queue item who cannot set a “progress” status?

ty for you help

I still didn’t get it :disappointed_relieved:

In short you can log your status at each point in Queue item in the same way we use to put log message activity and it give us where exactly we are on.

Hope you get it now , try the activity Set Transaction Progress in test workflow and check the queue item status once the bot starts it’s execution.

Yes. I already know this. But what is the use of “Reset Transaction Progress” in Edit if I cannot apply this functionnality to queue item who isn’t “New”


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Not sure but have you tried use of Set tx Progress activity without turning on “Reset Transaction Progress” , is it worked in that case?

hey @Nithinkrishna any idea on this.


@Elya @ermanoj3101

Reset transaction progress - Let’s say you are retrying a failed item and it comes as New right.

But we may not need the old progress messages but just to start fresh.

So resetting will be the option to go for.



Thank you guys! @ermanoj3101 @Nithinkrishna

Now I get it ^^
PS: I also have this post open xD

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