What type of input method should we use for Keyboard shotcuts in modern design?

Hello all,
I have used modern design in my project, it can run in the unattended mode for click activity but not working in Keyboard shortcuts in Modern design. When i run in Orchestrator I got the following error " Enter User Name: Cannot bring the target application in the foreground because the Windows session is locked", can anybody help me to resolve this error?

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Hey @divya.paul

  1. Kindly check if your bot is installed in Service mode

  2. Also make sure there is no screen, app or popup which is hiding or making the target application lose focus

  3. See if you can get some screenshot for troubleshooting

Hope this helps


Are you logging into the remote server and locking the screen? Don’t do that. That’s not how you run unattended.

@divya.paul Make sure you are not locking windows, better to sign out from the server before you trigger the bot

Yes i logged into the Remote server and disconnected the virtual machine.

That is not how you run unattended. You’re running attended then disconnecting which breaks it. Unattended automations are run without any manual intervention. Orchestrator opens the RDP session to the server and runs the automation.

I disconnected RDP before running from the orchestrator.

As I said, that is incorrect. Orchestrator establishes the RDP session itself. You’re doing it wrong. Connect to the RDP session and LOG OUT. Do not disconnect. LOG OUT. Then run the Job from Orchestrator.

Now RDP is establishing sessions from Orchestrator but the keyboard shortcuts not working.

What are you using keyboard shortcuts for?

For Desktop application, to enter username and password, we are using CtrlV from the clipboard(UserName and Password).

That is not the correct way to enter text. Use Type Into. Have you done the free UiPath online training? It covers these kind of basic things.

For our Previous Projects, we used Send Hot Key in order to save time as type into Activity is taking more time

Again, that’s not how you enter text into fields in an automation. Use Type Into. How slow could it be entering a username and password? Come on.

@divya.paul what is the option you enabled for click before typing property?


I used single click

@divya.paul can you try keeping None