What type of automations can be done using uipath

List down all platforms that UiPath can interact with


E-commerce websites, Microsoft Office

Web application, API, legacy, mainframe application, Excel,word, PDF automation, database automation.

Desktop Automation
Citrix Automation
Web Automation
Excel Automation
PDF Automation
Email Automation

Hi - We can do automations like Excel, web, Email, PDF, API, Desktop automation ETC…

We can do web, SAP automation, pdf automation, Excel Automation

Citrix Automation, PDF Automation, Web Automation, Windows Desktop Automation.

Alteryx, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services,Tableau are the few common platforms UiPath supports

Database Automation

OneDrive and SharePoint automation

Hi @Vajrang ,
Following are the types we can do in UiPath :slight_smile:

  • Data Entry Robots. …
  • Validation and Verification Robots. …
  • System Integration Robots. …
  • Scheduled/Trigger Robots.
  • Form filling
  • Screen scraping
  • Data extraction
  • Website Testing
  • Generation of periodic reports
  • Compatible with HTML, Flash, Ajax, Java, Silverlight and PDF
  • Email Automation
  • Excel Automation
  • Screen Scrapping
  • SAP Automation

Happy automation…!!!111

Sky is the limit :smiley:
Desktop, Web, Database, Api, Email, Pdf …