What to use or technique to use when app is really slow?

I was creating an automation on this desktop app which is really slow that sometimes it freezes , what do do when some part of the app takes time to load or sometimes freeze ? would a wait for element will solve that ? or what is the best practice to handle that ? thanks

How to handle it sort of depends on the application. Sometimes wait element appear/disappear can work, other times you can look for a specific value or image to appear, etc. You just need to be creative on how to get the robot to realize it’s frozen.

As for how to handle it, the best practice is to utilize a framework that can recognize when the application layer has a problem to restart that application and pick up again where it left off on the transaction. I’d recommend using the uipath ReFramework for that as it’s all built-in and I’d assume that’s what most people here use as well. For the reframework, you simply throw an application exception during your processing state and it’ll mostly handle the rest for you

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