What to do when we don't get proper selectors

I have to click on “3 dots” based on the date in receive in an argument. But, unfortunately I am not able to get any selectors for those three dots and also I tried using Anchor base activity which also did not help me out in achieving it!
Please help me out

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Hi @shreyasshete,

Search for common thing in that page & perform

The case is that based on the date which I receive I have to go and click on three dots equivalent to that date and then i shall get a screen on which I have to enter the time entries!
So, I did not find anything common either in the date field and in three dots!

Hi @shreyasshete,

Then use the same date & try


Try using keka in IE, you will get selectors for the dots as well :slight_smile:

I am using Keka in IE itself I am unable get reliable selectors


Try to get the selectors for 2 samples which are there and based on that there will be a value which will vary for each of the selector for example the table row or table column, for these you can try with adding counter variable and assign them in selector and see if this works,

Pavan H

Selectors are really Bad I have attached the selectors below

There is nothing that changes except “idx” but which is unpredictable and highly unreliable!

Hi @shreyasshete,

Have you tried checking some of those in the Selector Editor?
You may find something there that you can work on :slight_smile:
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

The only reason those three dots appear in a column like that is because they share a common attribute. A workaround could be:

You can output the selectors for all elements on that table to a txt file or your output panel for analysis using FindChildren activity (set to Descendants) on the full table or better yet, the column with the dots only, and then a For Each loop to output the full selectors contained.

Once you have this info you will be able to more easily identify the common attributes of the selectors for the dots then take it from there.


you can try with native citrix recording and there mouse-> click relative, this will help you to click the relative 3 dots to the right of the text.

Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

Thanks guys for suggestion
Thanks Karnik for the solutions suggested on call
Solution: Take entire row selector and make aaname Dynamic based on date and set offset for clicking on three dots NOTE: Simulate click should not be enabled!

But this is creating another issue to me that is, if the row is not visible it will not click (as simulate click is not visible)
I tried sending hotkey but it scrolls more and also set focus too did not help me out!
Any idea to overcome this one?

How to make a row to be visible on screen which is hidden of at the bottom of the page?

To scroll down you can use the following string in the send hotkey activity
String.Join("", Enumerable.Repeat("[k(down)]",10))

where 10 is the number of times the hotkey has to be used.

Based on your date u can scroll as many times as you want by storing the count in a variable.

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This solution also helps

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