What to do when the robot don't read all the lines in a web table?

What to do when the robot don’t read all the lines in a web table ?

I used the action “Extract data table” and i put in the “MaxNumberOfResults” the value “0” for to get all the values, but in don’t work.

Somebody can help me ?

Is the data on multiple pages or the same page?

No, have only a scrollbar … can you help me ?

If possible, you can send me a print screen ?

Can you share a screenshot of the table? If the table you’re reading is publicly available, can you share a link?

I can share a table with you, but I can’t share a link because are private.

Have a look at one of the cells in UI Explorer. The way the data scraping activity works is by reading data it deems is part of a Table in the interface. Here is an example from acme-test.com. The data is structured in ‘TR’ (table row) and ‘TD’ (table data) sections to segment out the data. For the data you’re not seeing appear from performing data scraping, see what the UI Explorer window looks like for those fields. It may be that it’s being treated as a separate table.

Another possibility is that data further down the scroll page hasn’t been loaded until you scroll. In this case, you will need to load the data by scrolling before scraping the table.