What should be variable type for Get Transaction Item?

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What are the different variable types for get transaction Item? and is there any variable type for Transaction item in performer other than Queue item?

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I hope only QueueItem no other datatype



How many types of get transaction Item(GTI) data type are available !!!

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as said, it only has one type- QueueItem

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Then in disptacher …according to workflow … what are the different Tranaction item Data types are availble??

That is think you are asking about Add Queue Item
In that the item we want to add to the queue is what you are talking about?

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yeah .

I think that takes available types. Any type in particular you are looking at?

The value of string arguments cannot contain the following characters: [ and " " . Argument names cannot contain the following characters: : , . , , , @ , " .

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We can put data type as Array of strings or array of datarows in Dispatcher ??

In dispatcher, we can change the data type of transaction item datatype.
For example if I am reading from exception I can have data row as my datatype
Or if I am reading from any webpage details I can have the string arrays
When you change the transaction item then you need to change the your transactiondata datatype as well.


Yeah @venkat4u Thanks, i will check it out.

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