What should be done when the elements of the page change every time the page is reloaded when using typeinto activity

Learning UIPath and practicing on RPA challenges (Input Forms). On this page, the input fields change positions when the page is reloaded

As you probably guessed, I want to use typeinto, but I’m getting errors because the position hasn’t been fixed

I’m learning Classic UI Automation, so I’m indicating the anchors in the UI Explorer for every type, and the anchor is the label above each field.

What should i do

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We can achieve this in the following ways…

  1. Finetune the selectors

Edit the selector and always choose the aaname=‘FieldName’

Example: We’re indicating on the firstname field

the selector should be like this aaname= ‘FirstName’

  1. Use AnchorBase activity in the classic design experience

Use anchor as Find Element and action as TypeInto

  1. Use the Anchor in selector it self … We can set the anchor to that particular field…

You can try any one of the approach even if the field or position of the field changes this will work for sure…

Try any one of the mentioned approach and let me know



Hi @sagar.raval

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Try with Anchor Base

Inside Use Find Element Activity and Type into activity

Look into the thread and Video



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