What programming language should be learned with RPA

What programming language should be learned with RPA that can help me score a job in rpa domain.

The underlying language is VB.net.

yeah ,i am aware of it but do we need to dedicatedly learn it beside RPA .


Hello Vikas,
it isn’t easy to answer your question, because it depends on your requirements.

RPA Product perspective:
Any RPA platform has its base, e.g. in the case of UiPath or Blue Prism it is dotNET. dotNET is available at different OS, so knowing one dotNET language is certainly not wrong. The leading language is in my opinion C#. If you use SAP Intelligent RPA is JavaScript the best choice. If you use Robocorp is Python the best choise.

Use case perspective:
Python is one of the leading languages in AI, if you plan to use RPA with AI Python is a good choice. If your focus is on business environments and office applications, who work mainly with Microsoft and SAP products, is C# a good choice.

Application perspective:
If your focus is on browser applications, it is good to know HTML, XPath and JavaScript.

Surely there are more perspectives here. As you can see, the question which “programming language should be learned with RPA” cannot be answered unambiguously. That has many dependencies.

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Yes, since many of the things you will need to do will be through calling functions, properties, etc. of objects using VB.net code.

I have just started learning RPA because I love automation and want to switch my career to this by getting a job…

But there are multilple challenges:-
first is I already work on tableau/sql in my organisation and hardly get time to learn rpa with my current job.

Second is am beginner in programming too.

Considering I will require knowledge of multiple languages like .net and c# to get the best of RPA.

There are too many things to learn and less time how can i score a job in rpa let alone learn rpa along with c# and .net

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Hello Paul,

the Microsoft VB developer team wrote in its blog Visual Basic support planned for .NET 5.0, from the 11th of March 2020:

“… Going forward, we do not plan to evolve Visual Basic as a language. This supports language stability and maintains compatibility between the .NET Core and .NET Framework versions of Visual Basic. Future features of .NET Core that require language changes may not be supported in Visual Basic. Due to differences in the platform, there will be some differences between Visual Basic on .NET Framework and .NET Core. …”

From this perspective it is not advisable to focus on VBdotNET.

Best regards

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Hello Vikas,

you have the right mental attitude, that’s the most important basic requirement. If someone does not realize this, it is not the right partner for you.

Don’t put yourself under pressure. RPA platforms are a collection point for a wide variety of automation technologies. You will always be at a point where you will discover new things. Find a topic that interests you and work on it step by step. Then look for a another topic again, etc., etc., etc. Accept gaps, because there will always be some.

Best regards

Hi everyone , whats language is more important in Uipath? I define one to start my learning.

Tks :blush: