What principle do the activities use to extract the words positions in background?

I checked the “Extract Words Positions” button when using the Microsoft OCR with the ‘Read PDF with OCR’ activity. It returned me a list of words and their coordinates. But what are these coordinates measured from? What is the zero point? What’s the unit of measurement?

For instance, my screen resolution is 1366x768 or something like that. But the word’s coordinates are the following: 176 387 1999 1963
What are these numbers?


The word’s coordinates represent pixels at current resolution. And the order is: Left, Top, Right, Bottom.

Like in the Clipping Region here:

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@ovi, Thank you for your reply. But it’s a bit strange because my resolution is 1366x768 as mentioned above while it returns me a coordinate of 1999, for example. This is …. a bit strange given my maximum resolution is lower.