What methods are used to store information in the Logs Tab in Orchestrator?

Will write line be stored in the Logs tab where Messages are displayed? Or does the Logs tab only store exceptions? Is there a way to find all output produced by the Robot? Whether it is to see an exception, output message, or even mail? I’m trying to bypass elastic search by using the SQL database itself.

Yes. You can use WriteLine (Trace Level Logging) or Log Message (Select your log level) to save the logs. If you would like to add custom fields to Logs use Add Log FIelds

To Fetch the logs generated by a specific Robotic Process, I guess you could use JobID.

Trace - Only when I would be “tracing” the code and trying to find one part of a function specifically.
Debug - Information that is diagnostically helpful to people more than just developers (IT, sysadmins, etc.).
Info - Generally useful information to log (service start/stop, configuration assumptions, etc). Info I want to always have available but usually don’t care about under normal circumstances. This is my out-of-the-box config level.
Warn - Anything that can potentially cause application oddities, but for which I am automatically recovering. (Such as switching from a primary to backup server, retrying an operation, missing secondary data, etc.)
Error - Any error which is fatal to the operation, but not the service or application (can’t open a required file, missing data, etc.). These errors will force user (administrator, or direct user) intervention. These are usually reserved (in my apps) for incorrect connection strings, missing services, etc.
Fatal - Any error that is forcing a shutdown of the service or application to prevent data loss (or further data loss). I reserve these only for the most heinous errors and situations where there is guaranteed to have been data corruption or loss.

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Ok so it that the only thing that will be stored in the UiPath Database? What if while the robot is running it creates an excel sheet of its’ process. Then that excel sheet is sent to an email after its’ process. Will the excel sheet be stored in the SQL database? OR, will everytime information is stored in the excel sheet, will that piece of information be stored in the SQL database? What I’m thinking is, just to be clear the only way to show the information in the UiPath SQL database is through using a WriteLine or Log Message. So I could technically turn the excel sheet into a string and pass it through a Log Message method. Or, every single time I store a piece of information in the excel sheet I could use Log Message before I stored that data in the excel sheet. I’m just trying to find the best way to store the information that the robot finds implicitly or explicitly. I guess just building the excel sheet, emailing it, and then extrapolate the data from the excel sheet would be the best thing.


Depends on the Storage Capacity of DB Data Type or else your data will be truncated.

Could do this

Once Excel Sheet is created, you could log the Excel File Path. So you can fetch the path later.

Sweet, okay thank you for helping out my brain storm!