What method is best to extract data from ACME webpage, WID , name etc details

Hi all,

can anyone tell me which method is best to extract data from ACME system1 web,

when we open workitem from workitems page,

we need to extract WID, Name and country details in the page.

  1. GetValue

  2. OCR

  3. Data scrapping.

can you please suggest any other method…

Data Scrapping is the best technique because that is structured data and you need whole HTML table to be scrapped and suppose if you have hundreds of records so alternate techniques would not work properly

hi @PrankurJoshi

if we use data scrapping, the output will be datatable or string

A DataTable

thank you…

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hi @PrankurJoshi,

If I use data scrapping the scrapped data is coming as single row in a datatable.

so we need to split them and use the data…?

Single row means this highlighted data-

Please verify have you scrapped full HTML table, it must ask you this

not this table I need to scrap, I need scrap client id, client name, country.

once u find specific WID u open that WID to scrap details right…

Oh this one, you can use Get Text activity for this and then you will have to perform string manipulations. You can do it bu using Substring method or finding Indexes of String you want or you can directly store them into an array and then access them on the basis of indexes

is screen scrapping good…?

create table with it and used…?

No need to create a table on screen scrapping would work


ok… thank you

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