What kind of Error is this?

Hey Guys,

in my workflow the Excel application scope should open an Excel file but after that the do part doesn’t start. In the Output there is even no trace of executing Excel application scope but the Excel file is be opened. I always get the following error:

Does someone know the Problem?

I have only the Problem with the excel file of an specific day. One day before the same produced excel file works with application scope. Is there an hidden error in the excel file?
I don’t know what the error message means.

Can somone help out?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Akimbow,

I think there’s a problem with your excel but I really don’t understand that language since it’s not English. Check that the excel is close, try using taskkill to make sure the file name is correct, it’s not being use by someone else, etc.

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Similar to above, add a Kill Process activity before opening Excel to ensure there are no conflicting processes in flight

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Thanks for your reply. I will check but my feeling is that the problem is something with the file itself.

Hi @Akimbow,

usualy this erros mean your last excel was bad closed and if you open any excel file will see this:

Handling COM calls rejected by AutoCAD from an external .NET application

We’ve had a few reports from people implementing external .NET applications to drive AutoCAD – as shown in this previous post – experiencing intermittent failures once AutoCAD 2010 Update 1 has been applied. Here’s a typical error message:

Exception after installing AutoCAD 2010 Update 1

Exception after installing AutoCAD 2010 Update 1

It contains the text “Problem executing component: Call was rejected by callee. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010001 (RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED))” (to help people Googling this error message :-).

Thank you very much!