What kind of activity can use for this object?

When I use App/Web Recorder to catch these actions,App/Web identify this column is type into activity,but It’s not work,can’t assign value to this column,so I try to use click activity to show the calendar and click the date in calendar,but It’s not work because UiPath can’t find out the calendar,even I pause and focus on calendar.

How can I do for this situation?thanks ~

you should use modern activities for these instead of the app recorder. Use modern click activity because it is able to verify the result and retry if the result doesnt appear in x seconds.

Hi Jack,
Thanks for your response.I will try it.


I believe after clicking the calendar you can use type into type the date…can you please check the same and try usign type into with hardware events

first check manually if you are able to type if that works then it should be sorted


Hi @Anil_G ,
Thanks for your response.I trid the solution you said.But It’s so weird.When I type into the date. It always show 2023/06/01.



Can you olease use hardware events and check

Is the typing working manually?


Hi @Anil_G
I use hardware events.This column can’t type manually.I have to click the popup calandar to get the value for column.

Thanks for your help.