What is your favorite Windows Computer for building on UiPath?

Hello RPA UiPath friends,

I am able to choose a new Windows computer for building bots.

Would you please comment and recommend what you are enjoying? I have had experience with HP, Dell and Lenovo. If you have specific versions that you found play well with developing in UiPath please also share.


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Im using HP, but i wonder if its more to do with the software or the brand?
Windows with which configuration type you ask? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jrudnicki,

I am using the Lenovo . It is excellent.


Thank you @nadim.warsi; I am trying to figure out what the best HP option would be, do I need a $1500 laptop workstation or does the $200 version work?

Hi @balupad14 ! Would you mind sending me the version / specs? I will go look into that one specifically :slight_smile:

Hi @Jrudnicki

This is the specification which i am using.



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Im using this:


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