What is wrong with the expression

Dear All,

** DT_ResultMany.Rows.IndexOf(row).(vRequisitionNumber).toString **

Inside for each loop of DT_ResultMany

DT_ResultMany = Datatable of Multiple line items
vRequisitionNumber = New Header Name
ReqNumber = value which i need to paste it in vRequisition Number

please let me know what is wrong with the above expression.
I am trying to use this in assign activity getting error

Thanks for your help.

Rows.IndexOf() returns the index, which is not what you want. Have you tested with row(vRequisitionNumber) = ReqNumber instead? (You might need to convert ReqNumber to string if it’s an integer and the column vRequistionNumber type argument is a string).

hi @ptrobot

I am sorry if i have not explained properly…
Rows.IndexOf() returns the index, which is not what you want — yes i dont want index.

vRequisitionNumber is just a String variable of column Name = “Requisition Number”
ReqNumber is the value with string which i need to paste it inside variable vRequisitionNumber.
and the column vRequisitionNumber is inside DT_ResutMany.
i already have few data inside DT_ResultMany and my last column Name is “Requisition Number”

i hope i am able to explain .

Then row(vRequisitionNumber) = ReqNumber will do what you want. Did you try it?

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awesome… Thank you so much for the help

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