What is use of "Save job arguments Config" section of RE?

I am not getting use of “Save job arguments Config” which is present under Main–>Init–>If .how it would be useful for project ?

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Hi @Arjun1,

the same question was posted by one of my friend yesterday , basically when you read the config file values will be stored in the form of Key,Value Pair , ideally if you use Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString you will get the queue name , but the sequence which you mentioned what it does is suppose if you mentioned your queue name as “MyQueue” in Config it will check field is empty or not, in if statement it will assign the queue name again the same value which was assigned to dictionary pair which was assigned during config reading , it’s a sample illustration even you comment that sequence you will get queue name as the queue name was read during init all settings workflow .


totally unable to understand sir.

hiiii @Seetharaman_K .

which point you not understood ??

ok as per my understanding it will store the incoming arguments as a dictionary value (key pair) inside the config dictionary. but ur explanation seems little differnet. it says if the value is empty for any key then it will store the value it read inside the config alreay thats whati did not understnad !

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Hii @Seetharaman_K

the values which you give in Config will be in Dict format from Init All settings workflow you are clear this point , lets take example here , lets take your key as Orchestrator Queue Name and value as Test_123 , so now your queue name has value (Test_123) , it will become true in if statement , you given again Test_123 in assign activity, now Orchestrator Queue Name value is Test_123, after some days this process moved to prod ,you given Prod_123 as value in Config but this value will be overridded with Test_123 as you hardcoded in Assign activity of if statement , see the main purpose of config is to change values dynamically at any time for all kinds of environments but if this value is getting overrided you need to go back to your code change it and publish it (which is not a best practice) , i hope you understood.