What is UiPath.WebApi 12/15 Token Expiry/Age?

Hi guys,

I have two robots running several processes on two different machines that consume UiPath.WebApi 12.0, I use below to generate Bearer certificate.


	"grant_type": "refresh_token",
	"client_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
	"refresh_token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

For now I have schedule the trigger 1 hour apart but I would like to have them running same time.

My question is when second robot is running and generating a new Bearer token, will it cause the token generated by the first robot expire?

My target is to have both robot running and consuming API services without causing token expiration and cause errors.

Hi @wilbardmtei

And regarding expiry…Generally the token if requested before expiry it should give same…If it is giving different then the previous token will be expired…Please check by making a request for token twice with few minutes gap to check if you are getting same or different



Thanks @Anil_G

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