What is UiPath Graduate?


What is UI path graduate ? is it same as RPA developer foundation diploma?

UiPath Graduateになるには?


Yes, it is the same. If you complete the RPA Developer Foundation you can join the Uipath Graduate group here on the Forum!




Not anymore :slight_smile: UiPath Graduates Group


… still thinking if we should allow free registration or manually add users to group


With manually way we guarantee a control of users that really have a certification. But it may be a really hard work because we have a constant rise of the certificated users :sweat_smile:

I think that an Advanced Graduate group it will be a good idea too :upside_down_face:


Can you cross-check the email address?
Or, to not require the email to be the same, add a field for forum user ID in the Academy. That way you could sync it 1/day or something similar.


Hello Team,

I have completed uipath mandatory courses for uipath graduate group

username : vkuma110

Please do the needful

vineet kumar


I completed Foundation Training Diploma. Please add me in this group.