What is UiPath Graduate?

What is UI path graduate ? is it same as RPA developer foundation diploma?

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Yes, it is the same. If you complete the RPA Developer Foundation you can join the Uipath Graduate group here on the Forum!



Not anymore :slight_smile: UiPath Graduates Group

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… still thinking if we should allow free registration or manually add users to group

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With manually way we guarantee a control of users that really have a certification. But it may be a really hard work because we have a constant rise of the certificated users :sweat_smile:

I think that an Advanced Graduate group it will be a good idea too :upside_down_face:


Can you cross-check the email address?
Or, to not require the email to be the same, add a field for forum user ID in the Academy. That way you could sync it 1/day or something similar.

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Hello Team,

I have completed uipath mandatory courses for uipath graduate group

username : vkuma110

Please do the needful

vineet kumar

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I completed Foundation Training Diploma. Please add me in this group.


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