What is Uipath advanced 3.0 accreditation

I’ve completed advanced certification. Is there a ‘Uipath advanced 3.0 accreditation’? If so, please share more details like link, exam syllabus, study material etc.

@matheswaran - UiPath Academy provides the below 3 levels of training and awards diploma certificates accordingly.

  1. Level 1 is called RPA Developer Foundation
  2. Level 2 is Orchestrator
  3. Level 3 is RPA Developer Advanced. (This is the same as the one you are referring to as UiPath Advanced 3.0 Accreditation).
    I hope this clarifies.
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@matheswaran after the completion of Level 3 Advance Training, you can purse Advance RPA Developer certification which is free till March 31.


Thanks Roofus. I’ve completed the certification. Is there something else, advanced I can do?

@matheswaran congratulations UPath got only one certification for now.

@matheswaran, you can go through the new course, UiPath Security training