What is UiExplorer used for

To explore the UI tree
To create and fine tune selectors
I think this is the correct answer as per my knowledge. Can any one suggest I am in middle of Quiz 6.

Thank You

Got Solve.

Hello Snehal,

Please don’t discuss quiz/certification answers on forum, as you can imagine this is not fair at a training exam. If you need help and clarification regarding the training sessions please subscribe to our weekly Q&A Webinar on UiPath Academy -
which is free of charge and is addressed to all training participants who need to better understand the concepts presented in the training.

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Hi Roxana,

I haven’t receive any notification to attend Q&A Webinar which was on 04/26/2017. Also there is a error message on that page which is

API path : /G2T/rest/organizers/9021458086432470789/trainings/7095888887339219969/registrants
API method : POST
request domain : https://api.citrixonline.com
request time (UTC) : 2017-05-02 19:05:52
request parameters (JSON) : {“email":"snehalp@logandata.com”,“givenName”:“Snehal”,“surname”:“Patel”,“description”:“-”}
response status : 403
response message : Forbidden

Can you please look into in and also let me about this week Q&A webniar.


Snehal Patel

THis Certification has lost it’s value. Specially after they lowered the passing %age from 80 to 70.

Easy to say when you’re already trained and certified on the software for free through some BPO.


How can say like that…Uipath certifiction its very good effective training and the practical sessions are awsome…even if you are passing in 70 or 80 or 100%…doesn’t matter how you will use it after the certification…depends on individual performance.

I did the certification myself without any external help in 5 days. I passed it when the passing criteria was 80%. In first attempt i got 72% so I had to take retest and then I passed with 84%.

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Hi @vikasrawat911,

Good. Congratulations.


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