What is this Error inCalculate Client Security Hash

I don’t know error of this.

Please advise me to check point.


Could you please restart Uipath studio and then open this project again.

Thank you.
I’ll try and give you feedback.

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I tried, But the error code not disappear.

I need your help. Thank you…

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Hi @111132,

Try to validate the workflow, it will take you to the activity which has error…!



I tried some times.
And the result is as below.

Validate File - No Error
Validate Project - No Error
Analize Project - Two Errors(See attached)

  • They might not concerned with this problem.
  • I cannot pass project ( Calculate client,)

Thank for your advice.
I think I can pass this assignment with your help.


I guess error is under Process Transaction state only. Go inside this state and check exactly where is the error.