What is this could you please tell me anyone?



I’m not sure I understood what you’re asking but if you mean exactly “what is this”, I think it’s pretty explicit.

They changed the names of the training levels for a better look I guess. You can access the new learning path and your previous learning path progress will still be valid and up to date.


I mean they mentioned that you can access the last 2 courses in the learning plans section.?

RPA Developer Diploma certification and RPA Developer Advanced certification both are same?Is both are free of cost or do we have to pay money?

You can access the 3 courses with the new learning path, as long as you do them in order meaning that… you’ve to unlock them with your progress

The RPA Developer Advanced certification is not the same as the RPA Developer Foundations certification.

With the online academy, both are free of cost. According to their website there is other courses which are paid but not this ones.