What is this certificate?


Excuse me,Do you know what you know?


It’s Advanced Developer Certification. We will get this after completion of Level 3 Advanced Training in Academy.

But I finished, but my certificate is not like this.

Excuse me, do you have it here?

I also tested this, sorry, I really don‘t know where you are talking. I downloaded the Level3 certificate. It doesn\u0027t look like this.

Hi @WangJidong,

This certificate is from certification exam which you have to attempt it here: https://certificate.uipath.com/account/login

The screenshots you have attached are from UIPath Academy training.



He asked me for authorization but I didn’t,

In other words, how do I go to the exam on this?

Oh, my god, this thing is too difficult for me, I can’t see where its entrance is.

Please login to the URL I have given, there you can see three levels.

  1. Quiz
  2. Practical
  3. Evaluation

First you have to attempt Quiz where you will get 45 MCQ in 90 minutes. You will get three attempts to clear it.

Once you cleared above then you have to clear the practical one and need to submit the code. Timing to complete practical is 3:30 hrs. You will get three attempts for this.

Once you submit you code then it will go to evaluation process and once it’s done you will get the result you are pass or not. If you are pass then you will get your certificate.

I didn‘t see it at all, I really hope it is my problem.

Update your details.
Go to home page and there you will see all three stages.

Here is my Home page,

I really didn’t see the three options you said. I know it is my problem, but I don\u0027t know where the problem is.

Please attach the screenshot of your homepage.


Is there any problem with logging in via my Google account?

Please click on update details and then share your screenshot please.

Isn’t it just like it?