What is the way most clearly to understand the SELECTOR statement?

Good morning guys, I hope that all of you have a good week apart of yours different situations in your life.
After the greetings, I need to clarify the concept about the “SELECTOR” statement, the reason is simple I stay in the second assignment, the topic of this is “The Yearly Report”, but I have any problem, with the selectors. However, I have little idea of this statement but, always my bot present an error, but I know two many uses, for example:

  • When you need to change in dynamic way the name of page.
  • The same way when you need create some many report.

But I see that only that the use of the “SELECTOR”, is for apply for dynamic uses. But I don’t understand for example: In the second activity, I search the Ui Element, I believe ohh right here I need putting the asterisk, but when I running my bot, have always an error, I asking to my coworkers and say this: “is the selector putting the asterisk”, but I need a concept more clarity, that only put the asterisk, I try to understand when I read or when I searching info into UiPath documentation, but I’m a person that need see the experience of the people because I like read but the theory, for me not apply in all many cases and is the difficult to understand or maybe I have the theory but I don’t known How apply in many cases, that I confront, I need your experience now. I’m rookie man in UiPath, but this concept is important I see, for this give your experience, examples or knowledge. Thank you.


This might help you understand the use of the selectors :point_down:

Selectors – How to Identify Elements on the Screen?

Thank you

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Thank very informative, and very clear the explanation. I understand one of my problems, and I see new stuff that I don’t know, very useful videos.

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Good to know ! Glad that it helped !

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