What is the use of testing while creating machine?

Hello experts!
Can someone clear me what is the use of this **testing **?

  1. Can i set the value of production and testing to 1 while creating machine ?

  2. if i do step 1 can i run two process at same time in same machin ?

I am very confused about this, can someone explain me more ?

Hi @RobotUi

  1. Yes, you can create the value of Testing to 1 and also the Production to 1.
    2.Both the bots can run at the same time because we have allocated one bot to testing and one bot to production so it won’t cause any issue if you run both the bots at a time.


Hi @RobotUi

Create a new project and choose the Multi-Bot template.

Hy all,

Can anyone know any idea to run two bots at same time in same machine ?

Hi @RobotUi

Testing license is for Testing Suit Test Suite - Introduction (uipath.com).

If you want to run multiple robots in the same machine, please refer to Robot - High-Density Robots (uipath.com).

You can have a machine that can run both unattended processes and test cases.

The production corresponds to the number of licenses of unattended instances you want to provide and the testing corresponds of the number of test robots instance to provide.