What is the use of Elastic search in UIPATH


Hi UiPath,
1.could you please let me know as a developer how useful
is Kibana and elastic search in orchestrator?
2.why the logs in Elastic search are heavy?


Hello @Mansi08,

please have a look at link below,



Hi @Pankaj.Patil
thanku for the docs :).
but if I am a developer and I don’t want to create any dashboard reports, I just want to access orchestrator from developer perspective like run/schedule job, update package, provision robots, then do I need to keep ES?

also I wanted to know ES is generating heavy logs suddenly and I didn’t find any resolution :slight_smile:

Mansi Choubey


Hello @Mansi08,

No, you’ll not need if this is your requirement.
You’ll have Logs in your orchestrator. you can monitor your job from there, have a look at picture below,



Hi Pankaj,
thanks again :slight_smile: but you ever seen that since long time ES is not generating heavy logs but suddenly it starts consuming 40+GB memory where it used to use only few KB :frowning:
I am looking for reason as a resolution I disable the ES service.



Hello @Mansi08,

No, I’ve not. we don’t use this logging mechanism.
to know more, you can raise a ticket to uipath support.



yes , I will do that :slight_smile:
thanku for the information @Pankaj.Patil :slightly_smiling_face:


I got the reply from UiPath as :
ques 1>What is the potential use of ES and Kibana service in UiPath and Impact disabling it ?
ans 1> ES and Kibana are used to create custom dashboards based on customer requirement. We normally push the logs generated by Robots to SQL and ES.

SQL is used for Orchestrator from 2016.2 for reporting and monitoring. While ES is used by Kibana only, where you can make reports like Robot utilization or Average time taken by Process for Completion etc.

ques2 >If we uninstall Kibana and ES component, will there be any impact on current running workflow or limitation in functionality or performance ?
ans2> It is not going to affect the way Orchestrator works


Hello @Mansi08,

Nice information,

  1. you can see logs in the orchestrator then no need to have ES and kibana because it’s going to be huge day after day. today 40GB+ data, tomorrow it may generate 50GB+ data.
  2. suppose, our workflows are associated with ES and kibana then it will impact us. but there is no such thing.
    Please ask them “since long time ES is not generating heavy logs but suddenly it starts consuming 40+GB memory where it used to use only few KB

What did you determine you want to use/disable/uninstall it?



As it is not in my use I disabled it.

work around below–
in web.config file remove word robotElasticBuffer.
so that Orchestrator should not try to write to a target that does not exist.


Please share path of web.config file.