What is the set password to the File

Need to set a paswant to set password to my log file. I don’t want to let a user to see this log. I only want to save to one file (for one day) logs from logcat and let a user to see only that the file is exist, but he can not open and read this file. The user can open the file when he write a correct password.sword to pdf file while sharing across the mail to a end user

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Hi @Shaik_Sumeriya ,

To answer ur 2 questions

1)If u want user to not see the logs u can make the log level to verbose
2)To set the password to pdf file shared across the mail .
Install the Pdf package activities and Use activity Mange PDF password .
In properties New User password , u can set the new password and same password will be used for opening the file .

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