What is the right windows 7 enterprise edition configuration for UiPath Studio

Installer(.exe or .msi):


License type(Free, Trial/License code):


Studio/Robot version:

UiPath 2019.3

OS Software :

  • Windows 7 Enterprise edition
  • .Net Framework : 4.7.1
  • 4 Go RAM

Current behavior:

1 - unable to install package package :

I see that I can’t neither install this package that the first one is relying on :

2 - Exception raising when using “Get OCR Text” activity
When using this activity the OCR engine raise an error : OCRCreationEngine error no matter is the OCR engine (Microsoft or Tesseract)


Can someone tell me what is the right configuration for Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and what are the minimum requirement in terms of :

  • .Net Framework
  • OS packs

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Hi @albel,

Take a look.


Thanks @balupad14, I’ll check tomorrow at my customer site the KB… as reported in UiPath minimum requirement. Hope that it solves the inability to install the 2 packages as I reported above.

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Hi @albel

Just a wild guess, but you should also check out this post:

(+ the topic of that post and the one that this posts leads to)

You didn’t provide a specific error message so I can’t be sure, but the solution might apply here.

Hi @loginerror

Actually I provided the error (see above). the activity Get OCR Text raised an error :
OCR engine raise an error : OCRCreationEngin
I asked my customer to install UiPath Studio regarding the requirement as provided by UiPath. So I’m still waiting to be done.


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